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"This is a beautiful book. Absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t put it down."

- Bruna Pinard,
RNA, Detroit, MI

  • What the readers are saying about Notes Before You Go?


    “One of the most inspiring books I have ever given.”

    - Kim Cross, The Olde Stanton Store, Collingwood, ON

    “An antidote to a bad day ... The quality is outstanding. Her (author's) words of wisdom ring so true and make you feel truly at peace... ”

    - Catherine Johnson, Milford, Michigan

    “It is a masterpiece, an amazing accomplishment - so much thought and feeling. The presentation is outstanding and the photos speak volumes ... (the books ) should be on every mother's "to buy" list.”

    - Yetta Lager, Windsor, ON

    “It's a love letter to your child. Truly, you open the book and she's got this beautiful paragraph about what you would say to your child as they are leaving you home and starting their lives ... I've never seen a book touch people the way this book as touched people.”

    - Cindy Landry, Milford, Michigan

    “Vesna's words are deep and profound. This book is important and meaningful.”

    - Knieaziew, Leamington, Ontario

    “The advice is universal and beautiful.”

    - Erica Clark, Tottenham, ON

    “Vesna's words echo from the humanity of a soul who wants to touch the world and delight in all the good that is here ... THIS is a wonderful gift for graduation, going away, marriage, and every time that you have the opportunity to let the written word help express your feelings. ”

    - Kelly Barker, Calgary, AB

    “Before she left for Canada, my beautiful mother gave me a beautiful book called "Notes to My Daughter Before You Go". I like to read a few pages each week; not too many or I'll lose the chance to dedicate real mental energy to what each page says.”

    - Meg, Paris, France

    “It is a wonderful and thought provoking book... The youth of the world need to hear exactly what this book says.”

    - Fred Tathwell, Washington, D.C., former Legal Counsel for U.S. Congress

    “Amazing and inspiring... fantastic, surprising, uplifting and insightful.”

    - Greg Smith, Dallas, TX

    “It carries such an important message.”

    - Elizabeth Chaplin, Leamington Hospital Chaplin, Leamington, ON

    “Vesna has penned all those thoughts that are in a mother’s heart.”

    - Linda Penner, Educator, Leamington, ON

    “Life lessons beyond comprehension. I love the honesty... really, so thought provoking and leaves you feeling RAW. ...messages that must be passed to one another leaving this world a much better place. ”

    - Connie Messina, Reg. Nurse and mother, Windsor, ON

    “This is a beautiful book. Absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t put it down”

    - Bruna Pinard, RNA, Detroit, MI

    “Resonates so true and so beautifully.”

    - Pauline Schlegel Shank, Kindred Spirits Books, London, ON

    “Vesna has delivered a wise and touching life lesson that isn’t just for kids.”

    - Mary MacKay, NS

    “I see much of Obama in you. both of you see the potential of humanity in all of us, and are able to articulate that potential in ways that are meaningful to the rest of us.”

    - Fred Tathwell, former Legal Counsel for U.S. Congress, Washington, D.C.

    “I absolutely love them (the books). I bought 4 of them during the holidays. Two more of my family requested them for their teenage children. They really are wonderful and it was a struggle to read them without crying hysterically. Truly wonderful!!!”

    - Kari-Lynn Malec, Windsor, ON

  • What the retailers are saying about Notes Before You Go?


    “These books are nothing like the mass produced gift books... they have become our bestseller gift books.”

    - Joy McLean, Cafe Books, Canmore AB

    “Your book sales are phenomenal. We can’t keep them on the shelves.”

    - Wayne Carter, Shared Time, Bayfield, ON

    “The books are amazing. My customers loved them instantly. In 4 months I had to reorder 3 times. Vesna's sensibility and creativity are seen throughout the book. My customers would buy several at a time.”

    - Sandra P. Lettieri, Muti, Toronto, ON

    “Our customers love your books. My daughter worked in the store over the summer. On her last day here (the next day she was off to college) she asked me if I had bought one for her... This book is a book to treasure forever....for young and old. One of the most inspiring books I have ever given.”

    - Kim Cross, The Olde Stanton Store, Collingwood, ON

    “Vesna Bailey's books fly off our shelves..We sell them to both Moms and Dads each day! They are both filled with inspiration for our youth...Vesna has found the words that we cannot for both our sons and our daughters! This is a gift that keeps on giving!”

    - Dee Zehnder, Rapunzel’s Gifts, Frankenmuth, MI

    “I love the books myself so it makes it easy to sell them. One of the things I tell people is that they are appropriate for any age. It doesn't have to be that time when your child is leaving home. I gave them to my daughters for Mothers Day. ... these books definitely touch the soul. One day I found one woman upstairs in the store sitting in a chair reading the book with tears streaming down her face!”

    - Bonnie, Bethany Hills Interiors, Millbrook, ON

    “We could not keep them (the books) in stock.”

    - Brigitte, Artisans of Muskoka, Huntsville, ON

    “... we only have 6 copies of "Notes" left!! I'm happy to say that it continues to be a popular book....and I have my fingers crossed that there is a "Daughter" version in the near future!??? So many people have asked about it, that we're starting to take contact information.If you can bring us another few dozen copies of the book (or both books if my finger-crossing is having any effect, lol) that would be great!”

    - Jackie Catania, Treasures, Stratford, ON

    “... what a discovery! Written from the heart for her own children , and full of the most beautiful black and white photographs ... the books carry a message we all want to pass to our children as they grow into adulthood . They are nothing like the ordinary mass produced gift books and Notes to My Son rightly deserved the Independent Publisher's 2008 "IPPY" Award Gift category. ... we sell multiples to the same family.It is not a hard hand sell the books sell themselves and I defy any parent to not shed the odd tear. It has become our best selling gift book.”

    - Joy McLean, Cafe Books, Canmore, AB

    “It is a unique gift idea and I am not aware of any other books in the market to compete.”

    - Jane Coffey, Publicity Director, Peribo Books, Sydney, Australia

    “Notes to my son was very popular around here during mothers day.”

    - Jeremy McGregor, Store Manager, Chapters, London, ON

    “... it was nice to see such a great response from customers! Book signings seem to always be hit or miss here and I would certainly classify this one as a hit!”

    - Josh Fehrens, Event Coordinator, Chapters, Oakville, ON

    “I absolutely love your book. I am pressing hard to get Windsor (Devonshire) to free up a consignment sku so that we can get this into the store quickly. ... North London store already had to be replenished... ( your book) is something that people can easily relate to.”

    - Susan Finn, Chapters Indigo Regional Manager, Southwestern Ontario


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